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A Plan Sponsor’s Guide to Retirement Plans

This pdf guide provides information about 401(k) plans for plan sponsors. Table of Contents: 401(k) Plan Provisions Plan Audit Non-Discrimination Testing Plan Sponsor Filing Requirements Summary Plan Description Glossary of Terms For informational purposes only. Not intended as legal or tax advice. Advisory Services are offered through Alliant Retirement Consulting, a federally Registered Investment Advisor.

Three Reasons to Consider a Larger 401(k) Match

Employees place high value on their retirement benefits. In fact, the Employee Benefit Research Institute (EBRI) has sited the employer retirement plan as the second most important benefit employees receive from their employer. Putting more money behind a program your employees already value helps them to appreciate this benefit even more. Consider these three reasons […]

Financial Hardship Leads to Other Issues

Money is the SECOND LEADING cause of stress in U.S.* Personal debt ranks as a significant stressor for 2 OUT OF 5 adults Stress is a risk factor for DEVELOPING A MENTAL DISORDER** Poor mental health impacts PHYSICAL HEALTH, creating a risk factor for chronic physical conditions (e.g, diabetes, obesity) Need for healthcare INCREASES, but affordability […]

Virus, Volatility & Retirement Plans

Handling Market Volatility While a retirement plan is viewed as a long-term savings vehicle, this recent market correction can result in the desire for retirement plan participants to assess their current asset allocation. Here’s what they need to know. The financial markets don’t like bad news. The current coronavirus outbreak is no exception, and many investors are […]